Does a full english lead to dieting disaster?

In the past it has been suggested that tucking into a big breakfast could help to suppress your appetite for longer throughout the day. However, new research says it could lead to dieters unexpectedly putting on weight.

Research Volker Schusdziarra, from the Technical University of Munich, asked around 400 men and women to eat as they normally would but to note down everything they ate for a period of ten days.

He then went on to check how many calories were in each of their meals.

Interestingly he found that contrary to popular belief that a hearty breakfast keeps you fuller for longer, people tended to eat similar amounts for lunch and dinner, irrespective of what they ate in the morning, meaning a large breakfast boosted overall calorie intake.

Schusdziarra spoke to the Daily Mail and stressed that the age old advice of eating a big breakfast so you consume less calories throughout the day is not true.

Sian Porter, of the British Dietetic Association, has said it is important that we try to make time for breakfast and suggests food that is edible on the go such as fruit and yoghurt is better than eating nothing at all.

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