How to cure your New Year hangover

Well the party season is almost over and come the New Year and everyone will be jumping on the ‘detox’ wagon, but not before one last ‘Hoorah’ on New Years Eve. Here are a few pre-party meals from the UKs leading dietitians and nutritionists which could save you from that morning after feeling:

Baked beans on whole grain toast with a dash of Worcestershire sauce with chopped avocado and a glass of apple juice

Dietitian Azmina Govindji advises we dig in to some good old beans on toasts. She says the beans, avocados and grains will work to release energy slowly so that we stay comfortably full for the night and adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce will help the beans to digest at a slower rate so the effects of alcohol are slowed slightly.

‘This meal will also help prevent the natural fall in blood sugar ­levels caused by alcohol (which leads to many hangover symptoms such as nausea and cold sweats). But you’ll still need to eat something else during the evening such as pasta.

A wholemeal bagel with smoked salmon, tomato and full-fat cream cheese. Followed by a banana and a glass of orange juice

‘This is an ideal snack before a night out,’ says nutritionist Carina ­Norris.

The high level of potassium will help to balance fluid levels, the fat from the salmon and soft cheese help slow the rate of digestion – preventing blood sugar levels from dropping too slowly and the banana, tomato and juice will top up levels of vitamins B and C, vital for energy and the immune system.

Canned rice pudding with sliced mango

This option is great for anyone who doesn’t have a great deal of time.

A glass of milk will work to line to stomach, helping to prevent any irritation from alcohol. The rice pudding is substantial and will fill you up and the addition of some sliced mango will mean your vitamin C, A and B levels will be topped up.

Scrambled eggs on rye bread with a glass of one per cent fat milk

This snack is best eaten in the afternoon, says nutritionist Fiona Hunter.

‘Rye bread is a slower releasing sort, giving steadier blood sugar levels than white or wholemeal. Eggs and milk supply a wealth of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, so you are bolstered against the nutrient-draining effects of excessive alcohol.’

On a whole this snack will provide you with a good combination of slow release carbohydrates and protein which will keep blood and sugar levels stable throughout the night.

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