Drinking milk ‘lowers heart disease risk’

Researchers from both Harvard and Wageningen University have found that upping our dairy consumption to three glasses of milk per day could reduce our risk of heart disease by 18 per cent.

These findings were published in a paper which took an in depth look into 17 studies from Europe, the U.S and Japan.

One of the 17 studies which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, involved research on more than 20,000 men. What the experts found in this instance was that increasing levels of calcium to above the recommended levels could reduce the risk of mortality from cancer by one quarter.

Another of the 17 studies featured was an Australian study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This study involved following 1,529 Australian adults for a duration of 16 years, and what the researchers found was that of those surveyed it was the adults who ate the most full-fat dairy that had a 69 per cent reduced risk of cardiovascular death than those who ate the least.

Dr Cindy Schweitzer from the Global Dairy Platform is of the belief that milk and dairy are among the most nutritious and healthy foods available as they are packed full of naturally occurring nutrients. She also stressed that this latest research calls for the diet advice to only eat low-fat dairy products to be readdressed.

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