Vitamin B1 derivative can help to prolong the life of heart attack victims

According to experts a vitamin found in various everyday foods such as Marmite, could help to boost the chances of survival for heart attack victims.

The wonder vitamin is a derivative of vitamin B1 known as benotiamine and it has already been found to prevent heart failure as a complication of diabetes.

The study, which was conducted by a team at Bristol university, found that the vitamin speeds up the healing of tissue following heart damage and could eventually become part of diabetes treatment.

The research team gave benfotiamine to two groups of mice, one of which had diabetes and the other which did not. In the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, the researchers said treatment ‘markedly improved the survival of both non-diabetic and diabetic mice’ compared with those given no treatment.

A separate study also revealed that treating diabetic mice with benfotiamine from the early stages of the condition could delay progression to heart failure.

The vitamin can be found in a variety of everyday foods such as Marmite, Quorn, pork, cheese, eggs, dried and fresh fruits and wholegrain breads.

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