Diabetes symptoms

There are various symptoms of diabetes of which many individuals are unaware, meaning that often medical advice is not sought as soon as it could be. Below you can find details of symptoms which should not be ignored, reviewed by the health experts at WebMD:

  • Frequent urination, extreme thirst or hunger, or blurry vision
  • These are the three common indicators of diabetes.

    If you experience any of these symptoms, you are advised to test your blood sugar and seek advice from a medical professional.

  • Acting drunk
  • Odd and out of character behaviour can be an indicator of low blood sugar. For diabetics, eating a snack is often enough to raise blood sugar levels and return behaviour to normal but sometimes a diabetic patient or an undiagnosed diabetic patient will not recognise that something is wrong.

  • Infections, swollen or bloody gums, foot sores
  • If you begin to develop swollen or bloody gums or a wound that won’t heal then make sure you visit the GP so they can conducted a proper examination. Also look out for a sore on the foot which may be the beginnings of a diabetic foot ulcer.

  • Eye problems
  • If there are sudden changes in vision, eye pain or spots of light in your field of vision then seek advice from a medical professional. People with diabetes stand an increased risk of developing an eye condition known as retinopathy, which can result in loss of vision.

  • Heart disease symptoms
  • Diabetes patients are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, so it is essential that any heart disease symptoms are checked out at the first available opportunity.

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