Black raspberries could ward off bowel cancer, say experts

According to scientists from the University of Illinois in Chicago, black raspberries contain powerful antioxidants which have been found to suppress tumour development.

The findings, which were published recently in the journal Cancer Prevention and Research, revealed that a freeze dried version of the fruit could reduce the number of tumours in a strain of mice prone to the disease by 60 per cent, subsequently reducing the incidence of bowel tumours by 45 per cent.

Previous research found a strong antioxidant in black raspberries which was found to suppress a protein known as beta-catenin, known to fuel tumour growth.

Though black raspberries are less common in the UK than they are in the US were they are a popular fruit among home gardeners, study leader Dr Wancai Yang see’s the fruit as a powerful natural product which is easy to access.

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