Nutrition advice aims to improve food quality for the elderly

A set of guidelines have been published detailing the minimum number of calories and key ingredients which should be present in meals served to the elderly in local authority care homes, reports the Independent.

Fruit, vegetables, salads and protein are among the recommendations made in a report which hopes to standardise and improve the quality of meals in care homes across the UK.

The National Association of Care Catering (NACC), which represents firms and professionals who supply meals to local authority care homes have said each meal served at lunch or dinner should contain a minimum of 300 calories, 15g of protein, a good source of starch and a minimum of an 80g serving of vegetables. In addition to this they have recommended that desserts other than fruit should provide at least 200 calories, and breakfast should carry a minimum of 380 calories and 8g of protein.

Finally the guidelines also state that five portions of fruit and vegetables and a minimum of seven drinks should be readily available each day and care should be taken to ensure that those with special dietary requirements are provided for.

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Emma Hilton

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