Kate Dimmer registered Nutritional Therapist BA(Ed) (Hons), MSc, mBANT, CNHC

Kate Dimmer registered Nutritional Therapist BA(Ed) (Hons), MSc, mBANT, CNHC



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About me

I am a registered, insured Nutritional Therapist with a MSc (Distinction) from University of Worcester and I practise in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  I am a member of BANT (http://bant.org.uk/), the professional body for Nutritional Therapists and CNHC (https://www.cnhc.org.uk/), a regulatory body for practitioners, established by the government.

I use the latest scientific research, good clinical practice and I practise from an evidence base. I take a Functional Medicine approach which means I aim to support the root of a problem holistically. Holistically means that we look at supporting the body as a whole rather than focusing on one symptom. The aim is to address any nutritional or metabolic imbalances to help you achieve optimum health. To do this, I use a range of tools including, in some cases, functional testing (see below, Testing).

I provide bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to your unique needs. Services include: nutrition coaching, nutrition programmes, recipes, help sheets, computer dietary analysis, support with behaviour change, practical support during busy or stressful times, shopping and cooking advice, supplement protocols and functional testing. I also run workshops and can provide store cupboard 'makeovers' and supermarket tours.

My background is in teaching and I am a mother of two, so I fully understand the challenges of balancing a stressful work-life with a busy home and family life. I believe in eating wholesome, nourishing foods to support good health and well-being. I aim to guide my clients in creating easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious food that fits in with their tastes and lifestyle.

Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix. It involves working together to support the root of a problem with both diet and lifestyle. Nutrition support is tailored specifically to you using specific food, nutrients and lifestyle advice to support the body and mind. Depending on your health goal, this process may take a few months but will enable you to support yourself in optimum health for the rest of your life.

I work with clients with a range of health issues. I have a particular interest in gut problems, supporting stress, and female hormone balance. I provide bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to your unique needs.

Consultations are confidential and take place in a non-judgemental, supportive environment. I can empathise with the difficulties of making diet and lifestyle changes and any changes can be carried out at a pace that suits you and with the level of support that suits your needs.

The number of consultations required depends on the complexity of your case and your health goals and also relies on you making some diet and lifestyle changes. Consultations can be booked individually or in packages which aim to be more economical and motivating for you. Telephone and email support can also be provided. I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation so if you have any questions or you are ready to make a change, please get in touch to see how Nutritional Therapy can support your health goal.

If you would like to increase your energy, improve your general health, would like support with a specific health condition or for further information, please get in touch via email: kate@katedimmer.com or phone me on 07714340345 and I shall call you back. I offer a free phone call for you to ask questions and see how Nutritional Therapy may be able to help you. When you are ready to make a change, I look forward to hearing from you.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a fully qualified registered Nutritional Therapist with a Masters (MSc) in Nutritional Therapy from University of Worcester. I also have a BA (Ed) (Hons) degree from Reading University and have over ten years teaching experience. I regularly attend training courses such as seminars, webinars and workshops so that I am fully abreast of the latest in nutrition research and effective clinical practice. I practice in general Nutritional Therapy but I have a particular interest in gut health, stress management and hormone balance.

I am a full member of both the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), ensuring that I am covered by a comprehensive code of practice. I comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and am on the ICO register.

Examples of conditions I have worked with include:

  • fatigue and energy levels
  • thyroid health
  • weight management
  • IBS and digestive issues
  • female hormone imbalances
  • headaches
  • anxiety and insomnia
  • stress
  • food sensitivities
  • nutrition education
  • fussy eating

Examples of additional training includes:

  • sports nutrition
  • managing female hormones
  • functional testing
  • supporting autoimmune conditions
  • supporting the microbiome
  • muscular and skeletal health

“I highly recommend Kate Dimmer as a nutritional therapist. I've battled with insomnia for last 3 years but have followed her hormone balancing nutrition advice, with acupuncture and I seem to be cured! Three weeks without Nitol. Never underestimate the benefits of sleeping well!”  Nicola

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Initial consultation from £80, further appointments £50. One-off appointments please enquire.

The number of consultations required varies according to the individual and their health goals. One off appointments can be arranged but please bear in mind that Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix and allow a minimum of 3 months to reach your health goal. For more information  please get in touch via email or telephone today.

The first session will involve gathering information via a health questionnaire, setting health goals and I will ask you to complete a food diary if not already completed; in the next session we will discuss your recommendations and dietary analysis; the third and further sessions will review your health goals and build on your progress.  My aim is for you to arrive at your optimum health goal as quickly as possible and for you to be independent in supporting your own body through nutrition. You may book appointments individually or as part of a package. Typically, 3 sessions includes:

Consultation 1:
• Approximately 75-90 minutes
• Full health and lifestyle history
• Formation of your health goals
• Diet and lifestyle questionnaire
• Diet and lifestyle recommendations
• Full research into your case

2nd Consultation:

• Approximately 60 minutes
• Dietary analysis from your 3-day food diary
• Individual, tailored nutrition recommendations, including supplement protocols and tests if    appropriate
• Recipes, tips and help sheets where relevant
• Guidance and support

3rd Consultation and Follow Up Sessions:
Below is an example as these sessions will be tailored to your needs.

• Approximately 45 minutes
• Dietary analysis
• Review of progress
• Further nutritional recommendations, recipes, tips and support (as above)
• Discussion of test results (if applicable)



I aim to use food first, however, some clients may require support through the short-term use of supplements (if appropriate and if the client wishes). These are not included in the consultation fee but I can provide 10% discount on most products. For supplement recommendations, an appointment must be made.


I may recommend functional tests as a way of getting to the root of an issue and these can provide a measurable insight into your health and wellbeing. Examples include stool tests to assess gut health, full thyroid test, salivary adrenal stress test, organic acids tests (these are metabolic byproducts which give an indication of your metabolic health through a urine sample), food intolerance tests and hormone tests. There will be an additional charge for diagnostic tests that are not available from a GP for those clients who require or request them. Laboratories that I use include but are not limited to: Genova Diagnostics (https://www.gdx.net/uk/) and Regenerus (http://regeneruslabs.com).

Where do I practice?

I practice from the Cheltenham Clinic of Acupuncture and Chiropractic, Bath Road, Cheltenham. Parking is available on the surrounding roads or in the Bath Road car park.

Further information

What is a typical consultation?

Consultation 1

Your first consultation, lasting approximately 75-90 minutes, involves taking a full history of your health and lifestyle. We will discuss your health goals and any challenges that may be preventing you from reaching them. We will work together to plan support that is specific to you and your routine. At the end of the session, I will give you some diet and lifestyle suggestions to take away and ask you to complete a 3-day food diary for dietary analysis.

Consultation 2

In your second session, lasting approximately 60 minutes, I will share your evidence-based nutrition programme that has been designed specifically for you. I make food-based recommendations that fit in with your personal tastes and lifestyle. I can provide recipes, advice and support in changing habits and behaviours so they support your health goal. I can also advise you of supplements and functional testing if desired.

Consultation 3 / Follow up sessions

These sessions of approximately 45 minutes are intended to review your progress and are tailored to you. For example, you might like further support with how to eat well with a busy lifestyle, you might adapt your health goal, I might recommend some supplements or we may carry out functional tests.  The number of consultations required varies according to the individual and their health goals.

Other Services

Nutrition Boosts

Although the Functional Medicine approach to Nutritional Therapy is holistic and requires a case-history of your health and lifestyle, I appreciate that some clients may just be looking for some pointers to optimise their healthy lifestyle. For such clients, I can offer a 60 minute session where we discuss your current diet and lifestyle and I provide nutrition and lifestyle advice based on this and analysis of a 3-day food diary given in advance. Please ask for more details.

Please note these 'Nutrition Boost' sessions may not be suitable for those with a diagnosed medical condition or on medication, please enquire. Supplements cannot be recommended in these sessions as this requires a full case-history.

I practise from a clinic in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire with telephone consultations available on request.

If you are ready to make a change or if you have any questions please contact me today for a FREE 15 minute consultation to see what Nutritional Therapy can do for you.

Telephone: 07714 340 345
Email: kate@katedimmer.com
Web: www.katedimmer.com

Cheltenham, GL53

Type of session

Online nutrition support: Yes
Telephone nutrition support: Yes
Face to face nutrition: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


I understand that my clients may have busy lives so I aim to be flexible. Please get in touch by telephone or email and we will find an appointment time to suit you.